ListServ FAQs

On this page you will find frequently asked questions about the OK-VI-SHARE discussion Listserv. If you don’t find what you need here, please feel free to contact us directly with questions.

What is the OK-VI-Share Discussion List Serve?

OK-VI-Share is a discussion e-mail service, hosted by Liberty Braille, for educators working with students who have low vision or who are blind. It provides an opportunity to exchange ideas, borrow and lend instructional materials, and discuss issues that arise in this specialty area. Information could include best practices, sharing research articles, directing others to important web sites, upcoming events, VI job postings, resources to share, resources needed, and brainstorming when a new idea is brought forward.

Who can register as a member?

Anyone who works with students who have vision impairments, whether paraprofessional or professional can become a member. Directors of special education, program specialists, classroom assistants, and teachers can become members. Specialists including Orientation & Mobility, Adaptive PE, Cane instructors, and an array of Expanded Core Curriculum educators are encouraged to become OK-VI-Share members.

How do I sign up?

Send an e-mail to, with your full name, position, and the name of your school or organization. You will then be assigned a password in a return e-mail (the password can be changed by you, once you receive it). You then will begin to receive all e-mails. To reply to an e-mail you can select reply to all, or you can identify individuals to respond to. To post a new e-mail, type in this address:, add your message, and click send. Note: you must have a subject in the subject line, or your listing will not post.

What are the guidelines?

No selling of products or posting of resumes. We hold members to a high standard of professional integrity; do not pass on jokes, clever web sites, or information that does not pertain to the work we do in support of students who have vision impairments. If guidelines are not followed, the person violating this standard will be contacted and reminded to stay on course. If violations are repeated, access to the list service will be temporarily blocked or terminated.

How can I tell, with so many e-mails daily, what I should open?

We ask all members to add a pertinent word of phrase in the subject line of the e-mail. (For example; need large print, or CCTV question, or link to retinal disease.)
Tip: Contact your local e-mail administrator if you have problems sending and accessing OK_VI-Share emails.