Welcome to Liberty Braille

Braille Transcription and Embossing · Tactile Graphics · Large Print Materials · Accessible and Affordable Digital Delivery Systems

BUSINESS: We can assist your organization in delivering ADA compliant large print or braille for your customers, employees with reading and visual impairments.

EDUCATIONAL: We specialize in providing K-12 textbooks in both literary and Nemeth (mathematic) braille code with high quality tactile graphics.  We also offer cost effective digital text delivery systems using the iPad for both low vision and blind students.

TRANSCRIBER SUPPORT:  Let us do your tactiles for your next project. We can provide
digital files and/or embossed pages. We also offer groups training on creating tactile
graphics for the Tiger Embosser.

When you need on-time and accurate alternative format text and graphics,
Liberty Braille is here to help. Please contact us for more information and pricing.